Yelland Cross

Yelland Cross Farm is situated in Rattery in South Brent, Devon. It is farmed by Alison and Ian Samuel, the family moved to Yelland in 1997. Ian and Alison were founder members of the co-operative and are still active members to this day.  Alison is a current SDOP board member.

The soil is a shillety silt loam and the fields have an undulating topography, which is typical of South Devon. The highest point of the farm is 180 meters above sea level. The annual rainfall is 56 inches.

The farm grows Organic carrots, Broad beans, Cabbage, Beetroot, Golden Beetroot, Leeks, Kale and Grass clover leys.

Yelland Cross Farm are fortunate enough to have an on-site cold storage building and this is crucial to the carrot and beetroot crops once harvested and before they go off farm for grading.

There is also a “windmill” at Yelland Cross Farm for electricity generating.

The farm also rears, usually cross-bred, cattle for fattening and supplying locally.